Which Provider has the Fastest Speed in Australia?

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The internet speed has greatly increased over the past few years all over the globe including Australia. However, the internet speed varies among different countries. As per statistics, the internet speed of Australia does not stand on number one but has a lower rank than many other countries. Despite that, the speed is not very bad as compared to many countries in other parts of the world. You might wonder which provider has the fastest speed in Australia. The straightaway answer is Telstra. It is not only the oldest internet provider in Australia but is also opted by about forty percent of the total population.

Telstra internet services are used by innumerable individuals for their homes. Moreover, small business internet service providers in my area and large enterprises also opt for their services as they have a reliable service. Their customer support is also excellent as they are always ready to solve the problems and answer questions of their customers. When you choose to buy Telstra broadband online, you would not have to pay their connection fee charged at $99. They also have an instant connection to the modem which means that it can be directly connected to the box. Another great feature is that as per need, you can switch the connection to 4G.

Their contract does not come with a lock-in option; however, you would have to pay for the modem if you stop using their service before 24 months. A proud moment for the company and the loyal customers is that in July 2019, Telstra ranked no. 1 in Netflix ISP Speed Index for their nbn plan.
There are other internet options too that offer fast internet services in Australia. Their services are close to what Telstra offers and that is the reason why about 60% of the total Australian population uses the other options available. You can read and compare the popular options available so that it is easy to make a prudent decision.