The Role Of Tech Support

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The IT Support staff maintains the computer networks of all kinds of businesses, providing technical assistance and ensuring the entire company runs smoothly. IT Support monitors and maintains the business computer programs, installs and configures hardware and software, and handles managed it services in adelaide.


IT Support duties and responsibilities of this job

When compiling an IT Support project description, here is a selection of responsibilities to include:


Installing and configuring computer hardware, applications, systems, networks, scanners and printers

Tracking and maintaining computer networks and systems

Responding in a timely manner to support issues and asks

Providing technical assistance Throughout the business (this may be in person or over the telephone )

Setting up accounts for new users

Repairing and replacing equipment as necessary

Testing new technologies

Maybe training more junior staff members

IT Support job qualifications and requirements

Though a formal level might not always be necessary within an IT Support function, tertiary qualifications can include the following:


There are also a number of qualities that applicants should be expected to exhibit:


A technical, logical thought process

Problem-solving abilities

An ability to adhere to strict deadlines

An ability to prioritise and assign

A keen eye for detail

Also worth noting is that the sometimes physical nature of the function since they may need to lift and carry heavy equipment.